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Friends of Dave Tours - Warnemunde
Monday, June 15, 2015  
When we learned that our Royal Princess cruise was going to be making a port call in Warnemunde, we were not too keen on spending six hours on a train to/from Berlin just to spend three hours in this major city. In our opinion, that's not the way to see Berlin. So, I scoured the Internet for an alternative, and fortunately, came across Friends of Dave Tours. After sending an email to Dave, we were able to join the group from our ship in Warnemunde.

Friends of Dave Tours
Dave Natale

We met Dave just outside the cruise terminal at 9:30am where a few other guests had gathered. Dave keeps his tour groups small, and it really makes for a much more intimate experience. We were each issued a portable listening device (a receiver and earpiece) which allows Dave to talk to everyone in the group without having to yell.

Rickee Richardson in Warnemunde
Rickee gets her listening device

After a quick walking tour of Warnemunde, we boarded a private van for a drive to Wismar where we toured St. Nikolai church followed by a very special, and delicious, lunch at a 500-year old brewery! Lunch was held at a large family-style table where everyone could enjoy a delicious meal, share a local brew, and swap stories. Dave has a selection of his favorites from which guests can choose. It takes all the guesswork out of choosing what to eat, Dave has done the extensive research for you!

Friends of Dave Tours
Bring a big appetite for the Goulash, Dave's favorite lunch dish!

After lunch, we boarded the van once again for a drive to Schwerin where we got an up-close and personal look at the famous Schwerin Castle. Since the castle is closed on Mondays, we saw the impressive outside of the castle and the gardens. This is the highlight of the tour, in my opinion. As you can see from the photo, the castle is quite impressive, and is even more impressive in person.

Schwerin Castle
Schwerin Castle

After a tour of the castle gardens, we walked into Schwerin for cake and coffee (or tea) at a local cafe. The tour drew to a close after some free time and a visit to a home where Dave showed us four brass memorial "markers" (called stolpersteine) embedded in the sidewalk. The brass markers were engraved with the names of Jewish citizens who previously lived in the home, and were killed by the Nazis during the Holocaust. It was a moving experience and one we will never forget.

Friends of Dave Tours
Brass markers

If your cruise ship makes a stop in Warnemunde, you can follow the masses and take the ship's tour to Berlin, or, you can do something much less crowded and much more interesting with Dave. You will make new friends and see a part of Germany very few cruise passengers get to see. Dave knows the area well, has a great sense of humor and makes the day special for everyone. You can't go wrong with a Friends of Dave tour!

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Originally posted on: 9/15/2014
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We went on this tour last June and it was wonderful. I highly recommend it.
Saturday, March 25, 2017 12:00 AM  
We are looking forward to this tour on June 3rd.
Tuesday, April 5, 2016 12:00 AM  
I am so happy that you enjoyed your day... and also to see that Leo, Frieda, Käthe and Martin are here. We think of them every day.
Saturday, October 4, 2014 7:35 AM  
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