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Barcelona Segway Tours
Wednesday, June 27, 2018  
The best way to see Barcelona, Spain, is not from the seat of a motor coach. Travel is all about experiencing new and different cultures, and trying new things along the way. Whenever we travel to new cities, we always look for unique and different ways to see a new place. Segway tours are nothing new to us. We have enjoyed them in Paris, Budapest and even Gettysburg, PA. A Segway is one of our favorite ways to see a city.

Amanda was our excellent guide during our Segway tour of Barcelona

If you have never "ridden" a Segway before, you may be wondering how the thing stays upright. Through an ingenious use of gyroscopes and sensors, the machine actually maintains a vertical position. Learning to ride usually takes less than five minutes. It is very intuitive. To make the machine go forward, you simply lean forward, putting slight pressure on your toes. To go backward, do the opposite, lean back. The Segway has an upright post with hand grips which sways from left to right. Move the bar to the left, the Segway makes a left turn, move to the get the idea.

Amanda steadies the Segway while Rickee climbs aboard

As luck would have it, Barcelona Segway Tours is located less than a block from our hotel (Hotel Mercer) in the Gothic quarter of Barcelona. A tour typically begins by booking online at their website ( You meet your tour guide at Plaza Sant Jaume Tourist Information office and your guide will escort you to the Barcelona Segway headquarters where you will be fitted with a helmet, sign a waiver, and receive instructions on how to operate the Segway.

Our guide, Amanda, met us in our hotel lobby and walked us around the corner to their offices. We signed the waiver, picked out a helmet and soon we were pushing our Segways down the street to a local square where Amanda went over the operation of the machines. As previously mentioned, we have ridden Segways several times before, so it did not take long before we were zipping around the square, re-acquainting ourselves with the handling of the Segway.

Amanda explains the operation of the Segway before our tour

Soon, Amanda was leading the way as we rode through the historic Gothic quarter, stopping periodically for Amanda to point out various facts and figures. Next, we were headed for the waterfront, weaving in and out of pedestrians with ease. Along the three-hour route, we visited some of Barcelona's most iconic attractions, including the Arc de Triomf and La Ciutadella, a large urban park in the middle of the city. At least three times during the tour, Amanda would ask us to stop, get off the Segway and walk around just to let our legs rest. Since our tour started at 3:00pm, by the end of the tour it was starting to get dark, and quite cool in December. Amanda led the way back to their offices where we dismounted and said goodbye to our two-wheeled friends.

Amanda points out historical significance of the Gothic quarter

The Segway is unquestionably the best way to tour Barcelona. The sidewalks and pathways are wide and perfectly suited for this type of transport. Tour groups never exceed six people, so everyone gets a very personalized tour experience. Even kids 10 and older can enjoy the Segway experience. Our guide, Amanda, was terrific, always smiling and willing to answer any questions.

We had a great time with Amanda on our tour and we can highly recommend Barcelona Segway Tours to anyone traveling to Barcelona. If you are arriving by cruise ship, you will have plenty of time for a Segway tour and their meeting spot is a short taxi ride from the port. For about the same price as a boring motor coach tour, you can do something unique and fun with Barcelona Segway Tour!

Barcelona Segway Tour offers three different tour options:

  • A two-hour tour of Barcelona with visits to the Gothic District, City Beach, Historical & Olympic Port.
  • An Early-Bird tour at 8:00am which is basically the same two-hour tour and includes breakfast.
  • The XXL which is a 3-hour tour with visits to Gótico, Seafront, Parc de la Ciutadella, & Born District

For detailed pricing and information, visit their website.


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