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Juicebar® Pocket Solar Charger
Sunday, December 1, 2013  

There is nothing worse than laying on the beach with your iPod and suddenly you are tuneless. The battery is dead! Now what do you do? Well, that's where a cool new product called Juicebar™ comes in handy. Juicebar is a portable, pocket-sized battery charger that you can use to recharge just about any portable electronic device.


Juicebar generates free and clean energy instantly and contains a powerful, high capacity battery that can be charged via USB port or by exposing the solar cell to sunlight. So, if you take your iPod or iPhone (or any other device) to the beach, just lay the Juicebar with the solar panel exposed and it will be ready to recharge your device when you need it.

The Juicebar is an attractive accessory with a highly polished stainless steel case. The company claims the Juicebar can hold a full charge for over a month, so you can “Juice Up” whenever you need it!

The built-in USB port allows the use of your device’s own cable and supports all Apple products and popular phones as well as handheld games such as Nintendo 3DS and Sony PSP, Tom Toms, MP3 players and much more. The Juicebar ships with 4 popular connectors (Micro USB, Mini USB, Nintendo 3DS and Sony PSP) as well as a USB cable and DC cable.

Juicebar can be charged using the integrated solar panel or from a USB cable

The unit has a built-in LED flashlight and is small and lightweight, measuring just .5" X 4" X 2.5" and weighing only 4 oz, just about the same footprint as an iPhone.


I started charging the Juicebar using the USB port on my iMac. The handy power level indicator on the front showed the 2000 mAh battery to be about 50% charged when I took it out of the box. It only took 30 minutes to fully charge the unit's battery. Next, I completely drained my iPod Touch 4's battery and connected it to the Juicebar. It only took a little over an hour to fully charge the iPod back to 100%. So, that is pretty impressive. After recharging the iPod, the Juicebar's indicator showed it still had about 50% of its battery life left.


If you are addicted to your iPod, iPhone, Blackberry or other personal electronic devices, then a Juicebar should definitely be on your packing list when you travel. The product is solidly built, has a quality look and feel, and performs as advertised. At under $50, it is a no-brainer!

You can order the Juicebar from

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