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The Spa at The Four Seasons, Lisbon, Portugal
Thursday, July 16, 2015  
Nothing relieves the stress of travel and jet-lag like spending a morning at a Spa. During our visit to Lisbon in April , 2012, we were fortunate to have the opportunity to visit the Spa at The Four Seasons Ritz.  Rickee and I arrived at the Four Seasons around 10:30am and checked in at the Spa desk. The Spa occupies the lower level of the hotel and you are surrounded by peace and tranquility as soon as you step through the doors.

Rickee and I had each signed up for the Re-Energizing Massage and were soon being escorted to separate locker rooms where we shed our clothing in exchange for complimentary robes and slippers. After donning the robe and slippers, we were asked to wait by the pool. Soon, Aline (pronounced "a-leen") arrived and introduced herself, then led me to my treatment room.

The treatments started with a warm foot scrub/bath in a vessel filled with warm water and lemon slices. Off to a good start I'd say! Next, Aline had me lay face down on the massage table and gently waved a small bowl with the orange scent I had chosen (which is supposed to energize as opposed to relax). She then let the bowl rest in a larger vessel under the table floating in water with rose petals. The soft lighting and gentle background music combined with the orange scent almost put me to sleep. Soon, however, Aline began vigorously massaging my tension and stress away.

The treatment lasted 55 minutes and was one of the best spa treatments I have had. At the end of the treatment, Aline escorted me to a relaxation area where Rickee arrived only moments later after having had a similar treatment. We compared notes on the treatments we received and decided this was something we should treat ourselves to more often.

After we dressed it was time for lunch. We decided to enjoy the spectacular lunch buffet at The Varanda restaurant at The Four Seasons. This was an excellent choice. The restaurant is very classy and service is near perfect. The buffet offered a wide variety of salads, entrees, a carving cart with a rack of veal and a table filled with desserts.

The next time we visit Lisbon, The Four Seasons will be at the top of our list for accommodations. However, no matter where you stay when visiting Lisbon, plan to treat yourself to a morning or afternoon enjoying the Spa and Varanda restaurant.

Originally posted on: 5/14/2012

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