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Silversea Butler Service
Thursday, January 10, 2013  
A lot of cruise lines now tout private butler service for guests staying in larger suites. The qualifications to benefit from butler service varies greatly from one cruise line to the next. On Silversea Cruises, every guest has the services of a butler. However, that does not tell the whole story. On some cruise lines, a "butler" is little more than a room steward with a tuxedo. Not so on Silversea. Your Silversea butler is capable of providing the ultimate in personal service.

I remember the first time we took a cruise where we were assigned a butler and asking Rickee, "What the heck are we going to do with a butler?" Boy, how times have changed! Over the years, we have learned how to take full advantage of a butler's services.

Leave your reading glasses out and they will be cleaned for you!


There are a lot of evenings when Rickee and I choose not to get dressed and go to dinner, especially on long cruises of 10 nights or more. On Silversea, our butler is the one who takes care of all room service duties. I pick up the phone, press the "Butler" button (which rings his beeper) and within a minute, we get a call back to take our order. On Silversea, they have an extensive 24-hour room service menu and you can order from The Restaurant menu during regular dining hours. After placing our order, it is amazing how quickly the food arrives. And, in true Silversea style, a linen tablecloth is laid out with all of the china and silverware, just as if you were dining in The Restaurant!


We always take advantage of Silversea's excellent laundry services. On longer sailings, a good laundry service means you can pack less. Every suite has at least one laundry bag. We fill out the slip, stick it in the bag with the laundry and leave it on our bed or outside our suite door. The butler will pick up the bag and clean clothes usually arrive the next day and in some cases, the same day!

Oh, and don't be surprised if you return to your stateroom and find that your leather shoes have been polished without you even having to ask.


Yes, it's true. Your butler will even unpack your luggage and put all of your clothes away when you arrive, or pack your bags for you before you depart. Our butler even cleans our hard-sided luggage before we pack for the trip home!


Of course you can always go to the shore excursion desk, stand in line, and book your own shore excursions. Or, you could simply call your butler and have him do it for you! The tickets will be delivered to your suite.


On Silversea, you can request High Tea snacks delivered to your suite in the afternoons (4pm to 5pm). A menu of light snacks can be requested and your butler is the one to take care of this as well. And, here's a little tip: if you want something that is not on the menu, just ask! In most cases, if they can get it for you, they will. Rickee and I like a cheese and cracker plate each day and our butler, Roland, knows this and accommodates us accordingly. Talk about spoiled!


Silversea offers several alternative dining venues, and in most cases, reservations are highly recommended, or required. Again, you can call the restaurant directly, or simply tell your butler which evening you would like to dine in Le Champagne, and it will be taken care of.


On this sailing, we met some other journalists who we wanted to get to know better, so we set up a special dinner table for the six of us. I asked Roland (our butler) if he could arrange a special Indian dinner for 6 people, and his response, as always, was "no problem." We also thought it would be nice to meet before dinner in our suite for a small cocktail party and Roland took care of everything. Our guests arrived 45 minutes before dinner and Roland had set up chilled champagne, shrimp and crab claws with cocktail sauce, nuts, chips and other canapes. He even was there to greet our guests, as well as open and pour the champagne.


Silversea suites are now loaded with gadgetry, some with which we occasionally struggle. Last night we were trying to figure out how to play our iPod music through the Bang & Olufsen stereo in our suite. Rickee said "call Roland", so I did. In less than three minutes, he had it figured out and working. Is there nothing he cannot do?


The more I cruise, the more eccentric I become. As some of you may know, I bring my own coffee and French press with me when I travel. I just am not a fan of cruise ship coffee, or hotel coffee for that matter. But there is another little habit I have also developed over the years. Every day for the past seven years, I eat the same thing for breakfast: a low-carb Atkins Peanut Butter food bar. I even pack and bring these with me when we travel. Oh, but it gets worse. At home, I keep these bars in our freezer. I really like the taste and texture of the frozen food bar with my coffee in the morning. Now this poses a problem because, when we cruise, there is no freezer in our suite or stateroom. The mini-fridge just does not cut it. I have even tried placing the food bar in a Ziplok bag and submersing it in the ice bucket, but by morning the ice melts, condensation forms inside the Ziplok bag and it becomes a real mess. So, I decided on this trip to ask Roland if there was anywhere on the ship where he could keep my food bars frozen, and bring me one each morning when he delivers the hot water for my coffee. You guessed it, he said "no problem." So, every morning at 7:00am our doorbell rings and there is Roland, tray in hand, with my hot water and frozen food bar! Life is good.

My morning tray with Atkins bar (frozen), hot water and Biggby coffee (brought from home)

The butler services on Silversea are excellent and really enhance the overall "Silversea experience." You expect great service and personal attention on Silversea, and the butlers of Silversea always deliver. I have only one final request for Roland: "How would you like to move to Texas?"
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Silversea cruise is the best of all cruises that i had cruised so far and the best thing that stands out is their butler service, we had christley Gladson as our butler in Spirit last time, oh boy, he was fabulous, he had done everything for us and to our surprise it was his first time in cruise. I wish i have him the next time when we cruise, i dream to have him one day at home in California. My husband and me just loved him.
Thursday, May 30, 2013 10:32 AM  
We just returned from a Silversea Cruise and Roland was our butler, as well. WE LOVED HIM!!! He was the absolute best thing about the cruise. Always cheerful, always helpful --- a true gem. One day upon returning to our Suite after a day of sightseeing we found our bathtub full of bubbles & rose petals! He had left us a hot bath to bathe in upon our return! It was wonderful! Thank you Roland! I wish I could have brought you home with me. : )
Friday, September 28, 2012 7:53 PM  
Thank you for sharing your butler experiences. A truly wonderful read. I can't wait for my next Silversea Cruise next March. This blog helps make the time go quicker and reminds me of how good we had it on Spirit last summer.
Thursday, May 17, 2012 10:52 AM  
Thursday, May 17, 2012 10:48 AM  
The Silver Seas Butler service is one of the many excellent features of this cruise line.The relatively small number of passengers & great staff provides a wonderful & relaxing adventure.The cruise around South America was my favorite with knowledgable guest lectures on the geographical side of things. Altogerther a fantastic experience
Sunday, April 29, 2012 2:49 AM  
@NORTHERNCHEAPO, I bring my own ground coffee and French press. Then, the butler brings hot water for the press each morning. On other cruise lines, I take my press to an Early Riser's coffee lounge, they always have hot water for tea or hot chocolate.
Saturday, April 28, 2012 12:08 AM  
My butler story: We arrived on The Spirit and were having technical difficulties. DH decided to call Arnel, our buttler. Husband was on the phone, it was ringing and he was waiting for the phone to be answered. As he was waiting, the door bell rang. He called out to me, "Honey, get the door, I'm waiting for Arnel to answer the phone". I answered the door and standing there was Arnel. "Hi, you called me?". I was stunned! LOL I am also not a fan of hotel or cruise coffee and would love to bring my own. Is it possible to use the espresso machine or how did you work out bringing your own coffee?
Friday, April 27, 2012 6:03 PM  
I look forward to meeting my butler each time we sail. They have a way of making a great cruise even better! All of the staff is wonderful but our butlers have been fab!
Monday, April 23, 2012 8:41 PM  
Roland is a gem. We have sailed with him before and were truly spoiled.
Monday, April 23, 2012 5:05 PM  
I've sailed Silversea many times, and always struggle with how to use the butler. I travel with a small stuffed bear that I got on the Silver Shadow many, many years ago. Shadow, his name, has the same number of days at sea as I do, as he's been on each of my cruises! Our butler, Jean, brought Shadow to life on our last voyage. Every day, Shadow was somewhere in the suite doing something: reading the paper, relaxing on the veranda, even tucked in to bed because he was sea sick! This is proof of the customized service you can/will receive on Silversea. Forty-eight days at sea and counting!
Monday, April 23, 2012 2:40 PM  
Thank you for sharing your "how to use a butler" information. It helps to know the many things that they can/will do. It's something to think about before getting to the ship.
Monday, April 23, 2012 2:31 PM  
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