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StrikeMaster II Pro® Door Frame and Hinge Reinforcement
Saturday, February 11, 2012  
StrikeMaster II Pro
You might think a home security product is somewhat of a stretch for Travel Tech Reviews. However, for those of us who travel frequently, or for a living, keeping our homes secure and safe while away from home is a serious concern. It is much easier to enjoy your cruise vacation knowing that your home and your possessions are safe and secure.

I became aware of the StrikeMaster II Pro® while visiting my brother who has the system installed on his home. As it turns out, my brother has done some graphic and website work for Safe Homes International, makers of StrikeMaster II Pro, so he was very familiar with the product. After watching some of the demo videos on the Safe Homes website (, I was convinced this was a product that every home should have, mine included.

According to the FBI, the easiest way for a criminal to enter your home is by simply kicking in a door. You would be amazed at how easy it is. It must be since every 12 seconds a home is invaded by having its door kicked in. And, if you think a solid-core door is going to protect you, think again. The point of failure is the door frame, not the door itself. In most cases, there is only about an inch of wood keeping someone from kicking in your door. Open your front door and look where the deadbolt goes into your door frame and you will see what I mean. The StrikeMaster II Pro is designed to strengthen the door frame itself.

The product design is very simple and frankly, quite obvious. At the end of the day, it consists of two strips of metal which install in "layers" against your door frame. The all-steel plates are pre-cut for your existing door latch and will replace your locks' strike plates. There are two pre-punched knockouts to support existing deadbolt locks. A key component to the StrikeMaster II Pro's effectiveness is the inclusion of hardened steel, extra-long (2 & 1/2 inches) wood screws that are specially designed to resist shearing. These screws extend far into the door frame to provide even more strength and impact resistance.


Anyone with moderate skills can install the StrikeMaster II Pro. You will need an electric drill with a 5/32 drill bit and a Phillips-head screwdriver. That's about it for a normal installation. On our front door, we had a copper metal weatherstrip which needed to be removed before installation. I used a Dremel cut-off tool, but I could have easily used tin snips to accomplish the same task. After removing the existing strike plate hardware, installation is simply a matter of lining everything up, drilling holes and screwing the plates to the door frame. A second StrikMaster II Pro was installed on my office door (which is an outside door also) and it simply slipped right under the existing rubber weatherstrip. My front door install took me about 20 minutes, while the office door only took about 15 minutes to complete.

The StrikeMaster II Pro even comes with longer screws to replace some of the shorter screws in your existing door hinges for added security. They recommend replacing one hinge screw in each plate for added strength.


I am not personally willing to try kicking in my door to test the strength of the StrikeMaster II Pro. I will take their word for it that it dramatically improves the strength of the door frame. I will say that after installation our doors seem to close and fit better than before. Not sure why that is the case, but they "feel" more secure. The StrikeMaster II Pro also comes with Door Edge Pro which consists of two small steel plates that mount to the door itself. These two plates will reinforce the door. Door Edge Pro is an especially effective add-on for composite or fiberglass doors where the door could be compromised.

I should also mention that Safe Homes International makes a StrikeMaster II Pro specifically designed for French doors.


Provided high-strength security screws compared to standard size screws.
The design of the StrikeMaster II Pro may appear simple, but obviously some thought and engineering went into its patented design. All components are Made In USA (yeah!). The outer steel plate is pre-formed and stamped and has been powder-coated white (a process that is much tougher than spray paint) to match most door frames. There is a thin and somewhat flimsy pre-cut inner support plate that fits underneath the thicker outer plate to add even more strength to the overall system. All mounting holes are pre-stamped and there are knockouts for two deadbolt throws in industry-standard positions. The plates have a nice, smooth finish with no rough or sharp edges. The included screws are extremely tough and even the heads of the screws have been painted white so as not to contrast with the plates when installed, a nice attention to detail. My only gripe, albeit a small one, is that when installed on my office door, the white StrikeMaster II Pro contrasts with my dark brown stained wood door frame. A small price to pay for the added security I suppose. I am guessing that the cost of trying to inventory the product in multiple colors would be prohibitive.


The StrikeMaster II Pro is only $89.95 and even comes with free shipping (in the USA). The kit also includes the Door Edge Pro™, a $10.95 value add. You can order the product directly from Safe Home International's website (to order and get a Special offer, click here

  • Very high-quality components, well made
  • Inexpensive, only $89 per unit
  • Easy installation
  • Good instructions
  • Simple, low-tech, effective
  • Made in America!


  • White plates can contrast on dark wood door frames (Note: It is possible for the StrikeMaster II Pro to be painted by the customer to match a darker door frame).


StrikeMaster II Pro is one of those products that once you install it you immediately feel more secure. In fact, I am amazed that homebuilders don't include these on new homes. Without a StrikeMaster II Pro, your deadbolt locks are basically worthless. I would never have another home without this product installed. For anyone who travels for business or leisure, there is nothing else I can think of that can deliver this much peace of mind for under $100.



Safe Homes International provided us with the StrikeMaster II Pro for installation and testing.

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Hi Stephenie Frey, I write for several websites and have never heard of a verified failure of this product or one like it, so I'm very interested in your story. Please contact me at
Saturday, June 9, 2018 12:00 AM  
I just came home today to my door being kicked in with this product installed on it, thank you for making me feel secure when I wasn't.
Monday, April 7, 2014 9:04 PM  
As an owner of an Orlando based locksmith & Security Hardware Company for the past 34 years I see new product come available every month. When the Strikemaster II Pro was first introduced to us we were completely amazed with the level of security this product provides. Every homeowner and all the Law Enforcement Agencies we have introduced the Strikemaster II pro to have been completely satisfied. Yes.... I have one on every in-swing door at my home.
Monday, February 13, 2012 8:06 AM  
Looks great and easy to install. I can see where it would be tough to kick the door in with those long screws holding the strike plate and dead bolt
Saturday, February 11, 2012 5:22 PM  
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