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VueZone Personal Video Network
Sunday, October 9, 2016  

I first learned about Vue Zone when I saw one of their banner ads appear on our website through an ad network. I was immediately intrigued by the idea of being able to monitor our home and office while traveling out of town. For people who travel, the ability to keep an eye on your house is a valuable one.

After contacting Vue Zone, they agreed to send us a test unit and when it arrived I was immediately struck by how simple it was to unbox and setup. As long as you have a computer connected to the Internet (preferably a high speed connection with a hub or switch) that is really all you need.

VueZone offers several different configurations starting as low as $159 for a single interior camera package. Our package included 2 cameras, one interior camera and one motion detection camera. One of the coolest features of the VueZone system is that you can start with the basic setup, and add more cameras later as you see fit. The VueZone gateway can support up to 15 cameras!

Our package contained the following:

  • VueZone™ Gateway w/AC adapter
  • 1 Indoor camera
  • 1 Motion Detection camera
  • 4 Magnetic bases with mounting hardware
  • 3 Batteries (CR123 Lithium Ion battery)
  • Ethernet cable
  • Quick Install Guide


The first step required to set up the system is connecting the VueZone gateway to your home network. You can simply plug the Ethernet cable (provided) into your router or a hub/switch on your network. I have an 8-port Ethernet switch in my office, so that is where I connected mine (of course, the switch is connected to my Internet router).

The next step is to install the batteries into the little VueZone cameras. The indoor camera only requires a single battery while the Motion Detection unit takes 2 batteries. With batteries installed, the next step is to sync the cameras to the gateway. The process is simple enough, simply turn the camera on, hold it close to the gateway and press the Sync button on top of the gateway. This tells the gateway to "look" for any cameras nearby that are not already synced. The process only takes a few seconds. The instructions provided by VueZone are very clear and they also have video tutorials on their website. Installation and setup could not be easier.

Next, look for places to mount the cameras. The supplied magnetic basis are very cool and can be installed on any flat surface. The bases allow the cameras to rotate so they can easily be adjusted to a variety of positions. They can be mounted using the double-sided tape, or a nail/screw. If you want, you can simply set them on a tabletop.

Once you have your cameras in place, the last step is to register your system with the VueZone website. This was the only snag in our setup. Apparently, the test unit we were sent had been previously registered to someone else, probably another journalist testing the unit. As such, it would not allow us to register the same serial number again. All it took was an email to VueZone tech support and within minutes, we received a reply and they quickly reset the system in their computer to allow us to register. This is something that would most likely never happen on a retail unit, but it is good to know how quickly their tech support responds.

Once your VueZone system is registered, you can begin monitoring your cameras online from any computer connected to the Internet. Simply go to, login with your username and password and you will see thumbnail images generated from your cameras...LIVE! Even though you do need a computer to register and setup your system, the system does not require a computer to function. Therefore, if you leave town or go to work, you can shut down your computers and still monitor your home/office remotely.

I was able to log into the VueZone website while on a cruise ship in the Caribbean recently (see screen shot below). The image on the left is a view of our living room hallway and the other is of aimed at our front door. As you can see, the images are pretty good in normal daylight. In the evenings, however, the images were very dark and much more difficult to see. It is best to use the cameras in rooms where you plan to leave a light on.

When you click on the image, it retrieved a live view from the camera and refreshes the image. Only one camera can be viewed "live" at a time, something I am sure VueZone will update in the future. It would be nice to see live feeds from multiple cameras simultaneously. Of course, that may require an upgraded gateway unit. The only problem we encountered is with this web page. Each time we retrieved an image from a camera, we had to reload the website to get the other image to accept a click.

We tested a camera mounted outside briefly, but the image was so washed out with the light that you literally could not see anything distinguishable. So, we decided to mount both cameras inside.

The cameras are designed so that they are basically stationary until you log in and request a live view. This is to preserve power since they are battery operated. Through the website, you can schedule "snapshot" record times throughout the day/week, which is nice. With the motion detection cameras, a new snapshot is recorded whenever motion is detected. These cameras can even capture video whenever motion is detected. With the free service, you can have VueZone email you a snapshot whenever motion has prompted a photo. If you upgrade to the "pay" plan, a video can be emailed to you.

iPhone, Blackberry users rejoice! VueZone offers free apps allowing you to remotely check your cameras from these portable devices.

For more information on VueZone products and service plans, go to

  • Very easy to set up
  • Elegant design
  • Great mounting system
  • Small, unobtrusive cameras
  • Decent photo/video quality, at least indoor with light
  • All wireless, very clean, easy to move cameras to different locations
  • Affordable and expandable


  • No audio on cameras
  • Poor outdoor/bright light images
  • Website refresh/redraw issue
  • Expensive, non-standard photo batteries used in cameras


This is the first remote video monitoring product I have tested and I have to say, I think I am hooked. We travel quite a bit and for anyone who travels, the VueZone is a MUST. I can recommend this product to anyone who wants to be able to monitor their home or office while traveling.

Reviewed by Chris Dikmen
Managing Editor of
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