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CruiseReportAlaska5A review of Alaska, United States
Amazing Alaska!
Alaska, United States  
Rickee D. Richardson
  Last visited: 09-2012  
There are a few destinations around the world that will appeal to people with many different interests. Alaska is one of these destinations. Visitors can hunt, fish, hike, climb mountains, kayak, ride dog-sleds, pan for gold, observe wildlife and much, much more! The scenery is magnificent. Calving glaciers add to the excitement. The fjords are tree-lined and fed by many waterfalls cascading down the mountainsides. Whale-watching is a popular excursion that can also be done from the decks of a cruise ship. A playful group of humpback whales is such fun to watch! If you are lucky, you might even spot a bear along the shore. Alaska is a destination that I plan to visit again and again.



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